Setting up Zeep Mobile 2-way SMS

First you need to visit Zeep Mobile ‘s Web site, where you can sign up for a free API key.

When you are at Zeep’s web site, you must choose a “keyword” for your site, ours is “tweet”(for

After you create an account at Zeep Mobile’s Web site, click here to generate new API keys. Here is an example of how you fill out the form:


Then, edit your site’s config file, and change the zeepKeyWord, zeepAccessKey and zeepSecretKey to match the information you got from Zeep’s Web site

Now when you look at your profile you should see a new Mobile button. Use that to register your phone number.

And finally, to post a status from your phone, just send a text to 88147 like this “tweet I ate a mango”

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Open Microblogger 0.5.10 — April 17, 2011

  • default timeline now shows only people you follow instead of the public timeline
  • fixed PostgreSQL error when viewing personal timeline
  • reverted to old linkify code

Download it: here

Easy Install


Hi! This is a short tutorial on installing OpenMicroblogger on your own Web server, and hooking it up to Twitter using OAuth.


You can put OpenMicroblogger in a /subfolder/ on your intranet or on the Web, but it works best with “pretty URLs” — you’ll want to have a domain name or subdomain dedicated to your OMB instance to use it this way.


Tip: if you set up a “DNS wildcard”  (*, OMB can use the subdomains to create unlimited sub-microblogs — internally it uses a WordPress-style database table namespace.


The latest version of OpenMicroblogger (0.5.10) can be downloaded from GitHub here.


After you have uploaded the files to your Web server, browse to /install.php and follow the instructions:



My friend Johannes Schirge, a Web developer and graduate student from Germany created the installer. The screen shot shows some warnings colored orange about “BAD: /config/ is not writable”.


Your FTP program’s “permissions” feature can be used to fix the problem easily, in this case I selected the three folders and checked all the boxes so the Web server user account could write the configuration to disk.



Now when I re-load /install.php I can see the errors have turned green and read “GOOD”.



The “pretty URLs” feature can be enabled on the installation screen, though the installer does not generate a correct .htaccess file. Here’s an example screen shot that shows how to set up pretty URLs, and an example .htaccess file:


RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [NC]

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f

RewriteRule ^(.+)$ ?$1 [PT,L,QSA]

Now the installer will warn you about going back and tightening the permissions on your installation.



Now you can browse to your OMB instance and log in with an OpenID or an e-mail address.



You can get a Twitter OAuth key and secret here. The following example shows how to fill out the app registration:



With Twitter key & secret in hand, browse to /admin to enter the information into your OpenMicroblogger configuration:



Now you’ll have a new login option — Twitter! Enjoy  -Brian


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