About OMB


OMB was first released August 14, 2008, about 6 weeks after the public launch of Identi.ca.

On June 16 of that year I had been searching for “OAuth XRDS” and found a brand-new specification at http://openmicroblogging.org written by Evan Prodromou.

The spec had the features I was looking for: cross-site real-time subscriptions, cross-site profile updates, cross-site avatar/profile transfer. I was doing some of this stuff between my sites already with OpenID/SREG but Open Microblogging 0.1 had a terrific feature set.

Since 2009 I’ve been involved in a startup company and OMB has received less attention, but that effort is beginning to mature and I intend to improve OMB a lot in 2010 and 2011.

Dejafeed is a Touch-enabled “OMB ┬áLite” — just a user interface and the ability to follow your friends from an iPad in real-time on Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. This will be expanded to include following real-time feeds.