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Participating in the Federated Social Web Summit today

Looking forward to meeting a lot of new people!

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Mentions on and and

Wow lots of interest in open microblogging this week:

OpenMicroBlogger earns a 4-star review at Xmarks

Fredrik Ostrozanszky reviews OpenMicroBlogger and likes what he finds. With help from some very smart programmers: this ultra-easy-to-install self-hosted microblogging software is becoming a very popular download!

OpenMicroBlogger passed the 5000 download mark today

Thanks everyone who has tried out OMB and shared your feedback. The latest numbers are in from Open Source PHP and in a matter of months we've gone from 1000 to 5000 downloads. I'll report more on the latest statistics including a growth report from

New simple installation routine

OpenMicroBlogger has a new config.php file which anyone can use to do a very quick and easy installation.

  • obtain OpenMicroBlogger
  • make a folder on your desktop and unzip the files in it
  • edit the the database settings in the file named config.php
  • copy the files to a folder on your Web server
  • open your Web browser and browse to the installation folder

[[ that is it! ]]

More bug fixes and new features


  • @replies
  • subscriptions
  • subscribers
  • notices on profile


  • openid 2.0 support
  • error after upload avatar
  • line 298 error

Numerous bug fixes in today's #followfriday release

  • fixed white-screen on install
  • fixed ak_twitter table exists error
  • minor ui quirks fixed
  • php4 fixes
  • openid fix
  • pretty_urls cleanup

Twitteronia and OpenMicroBlogger now live, real time push, even to iPhone

We've been testing a real time technology called "Comet", which pushes microblog notices into your browser as they arrive on your microblog server.

You can get a feel for how it works by hanging around at OpenMicroBlogger or Twitteronia.

List of fixes in this morning's updated release

  • threaded mode toggle in admin
  • p2 threads
  • replies fixed
  • edit/remove/reply buttons fixed
  • remote subscribe fixed
  • aws delete error
  • expands URLs with jquery.longurl
  • renders URLs with jquery.oEmbed
  • self-hosted oEmbed metadata

Introducing Twitteronia

Twitteronia is a new site where anyone can get their own copy of OpenMicroBlogger with just 2 clicks of the Twitter OAuth dance. Pretty sweet!

The official Twitteronia microblog is here

You can think of OpenMicroBlogger as "Laconica MU" because like WordPress MU, you can create any number of sub-microblogs with totally separate database tables.

Private microblogs! Each microblog supports highly granular privacy settings.

Check out Jesse Stay's article this morning for OMB's latest effort: Twitteronia vs. The Battle for Hosted Microblogging Begins
(if you think this is a cool project, please post a comment on Jesse's article and let the world know! thanks)

POST a status from RealBasic in 3 lines (ok 4)


  http.SetRequestHeader("Authorization","Basic " + 
  formdata.Value( "status" ) = "it's a test"
  http.SetFormData formdata
  result =
   "", 10 )


Before you can update via the API, you must set a password. Click Profile and then click Password. If you don't see it in the menu on your OMB, your site administrator will need to install the password app.

Same as Twitter, but with this URL:

3000 downloads at Open Source PHP


Thanks for trying OpenMicroBlogger, we just passed another download milestone at Open Source PHP. That's about 100 downloads/week since January, just on that site. Not including downloads from GitHub, SourceForge, and our own Web server.

Implementing the public_timeline.json Twitter API method

Now that we can post statuses via Twitter API (see previous post), here is a quick how to on the next item in our Twitter API to-do-list:


// get some variables in scope
extract( $vars );
$tweets = array();

$callback = $_GET['callback'];

// get the data model for the "posts" table
$Post = $db->model( 'Post' );

// search for the most recent 10 records

// loop over each record
while ( $p = $Post->MoveNext() ) {

  $profile = owner_of( $p );

  $tweet = array();

  $user = array(
     'screen_name' => $profile->nickname

  $tweet['text'] = $p->title;
  $tweet['truncated'] = 'false';
  $tweet['created_at'] = date( "D M d G:i:s O Y", strtotime( $p->created ));
  $tweet['in_reply_to_status_id'] = null;
  $tweet['source'] = null;
  $tweet['id'] = intval( $p->id );
  $tweet['favorited'] ='false';
  $tweet['user'] = $user;

  $tweets[] = $tweet;


echo $callback."(";

// load the JSON class
$json = new Services_JSON();

// create the JSON data
echo $json->encode( $tweets );

echo ");";

Design your own Twitter API method for OpenMicroBlogger

OpenMicroBlogger now has a programmable API that you can configure, this short how-to will explain how to use the Site Admin to set up a new API method and expose it with Twitter style Basic Authentication.

In Site Admin you will find a new link:


Click New Method


Use these settings:


And finally, paste this code:

// get the named variables
extract( $vars );

// set the form post data
  array( 'post', 'title' ),

// insert the status into the database
$resource->insert_from_post( $request );

// OK
header( 'Status: 200 OK' );

That's it! You have now exposed a new API method that posts a new Status, any user who is a registered member of the site can set their password and then use the method to post remotely.

If you're updating an older OMB, you will need to edit your config.yml to add the Password application for your users


Once that's done, click on Profile and you will see a "Password" App


The entire application's API is exposed as restful resources, that is how the Web app interacts with the back-end. You can now control through the new Rest API Group Permissions feature.

How to Generate New API Keys for your SMS-enabled microblog

After you create an account at Zeep Mobile's Web site (see previous post), click here to generate new API keys. Here is an example of how you fill out the form:

How to enable 2-way SMS on your microblog

First you need to visit Zeep Mobile's Web site, where you can sign up for a free API key.

When you are at Zeep's web site, you must choose a "keyword" for your site, ours is tweet (for

Then, edit your site's config file, and change the zeepKeyWord, zeepAccessKey and zeepSecretKey to match the information you got from Zeep's Web site

Now when you look at your profile you should see a new Mobile button. Use that to register your phone number.

And finally, to post a status from your phone, just send a text to 88147 like this "tweet I ate a mango"

Instructions for [updating] your OpenMicroBlogger installation

  • Download a copy of your /app/config/config.yml file
  • Upload it to your /wp-content/config folder

Now you can do an FTP upload and overwrite your old OpenMicroBlogger files, but your settings will be saved.

The final step is to update your database schema by migrating the database. It's easy to do, just point your Web browser to to perform the update.

Is OpenMicroBlogger Twitter's wordpress?

I think it is, but I'm biased because I made it. I started with the Prologue wordpress theme and wired that to a Restful MVC back-end I was working on. It's imperfect but I based the back-end on how Ruby on Rails works, mostly because I wanted to create an environment where app-creation could be super fast like it is for Ruby on Rails developers.

For some reason, people are downloading this software like crazy today, about 50 downloads so far, I'm not sure what's going on but I just wanted to say "hello" and remind people trying it out that it's still pretty new. You can post your questions on the FORUM tab, or find your way from the Github Wiki over to the LightHouse bugtracker.

Abandoned dbscript/structal namechange

"Powered by" was briefly pointed at in anticipation of changing dbscript's name, but a sniper grabbed the domain. Fixed.

New beta posted, better theme swapping

Working my way towards per-user theme swapping, my wife wants a cute pink theme for her microblog. The threading option is worth playing with, it can be found in config.yml for now but will be added to the Admin UI next.

OpenMicroBlogger demo

The 0.3 beta is live at

New version 0.3b12 posted, with Swappable WordPress themes

Just posted a new build of OpenMicroBlogger with dynamic theme-swapping. The next step is to make it so each user can choose their own WordPress theme. There are two ways to try out this feature:

click Admin >> Theme and check one of the checkboxes to change the theme. Feel free to ask questions in the Forum!

Also, big long-overdue news with regard to user accounts. Previous builds of this software were OpenID-only which made it impossible to use on your intranet. Now you can edit your config.yml and change the password mode from "email" to "password" to try out local-account-creation. The next step with this feature is to disable all external connections (AppStore) when running in intranet mode.

New tabbed Admin interface with jQuery UI

Closing in on 2000 downloads at

Feel free to help us get on the "Top Bookmarked" list, too! Thanks.

OpenMicroblogger on the Web

A few places where OpenMicroblogger was mentioned lately:

There will be a new 0.3 release at the end of the month, stay tuned :-)

Big German company running OpenMicroBlogger!

It's very exciting to see big companies taking advantage of our Microblogging technology! wow

Theme changes in OMB

We're getting pretty close to full wordpress-theme compatibility and swapping, and I had to make some minor changes to the included prologue-theme.

If you grab the latest OMB you will need to have an updated prologue-theme, here is a list of the changes if you need to apply them to your (customized theme)

index.php sidebar.php header.php have all changed, you can see the diffs (red=delete,green=add)

  • OpenMicroBlogger version 0.2 released today!

    Special thanks to Joss and Scott for your bug-testing and also for using the LightHouse bug reporting system. Here's the download links:

    Follow your Tweeple from OpenMicroBlogger

    The latest beta release has a big new feature: the "Twitter" App has been improved so that you can see your Twitter friends in your Personal tab! Very cool.

    To access this feature, click on Apps and install the Twitter App. Add your name/password, and click the Personal tab. There will be a delay while OMB talks to the Twitter API, and then you should see some tweets!

    Here's the download link for OpenMicroBlogger 0.2b15

    What is OpenMicroBlogger and what does it have to offer me?

    OpenMicroBlogger is a multi-user messaging application that works like Twitter, and it's exciting (2000 downloads and counting) because it's one of the available implementations of the new Openmicroblogging protocol. It's a flexible communications tool that supports community by giving people control over their message stream, and it allows them to stay in touch from their mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer. The social-networking-style "I friend you and you friend me" feature makes it spam-resistant, and it is easy to install on any standard Web server.

    First of all: Microblogging. How is that going to help you?

    • Intranet/Extranet: Greases the wheels of communication by allowing some electronic communications to happen "out in the open" where everyone can hear (think blogging)
    • Everybody decides who they want to "Follow"
    • Forums: Microblogging makes forums better because participants can pick and choose who to add to their own stream. (Open) Microblogging takes that one step further, lets people "follow" people at many different Web sites, and choose any service for their "home base".
    • SMS/Mobile: OpenMicroBlogger has a simple config setting to enable Zeep Mobile's ad-supported SMS gateway.

    OpenMicroBlogger features:

    • Communications: Choose any person you are following and forward their notices to your mobile or e-mail with a simple checkbox.
    • Tags: not #hashtags but standard blog-style category/tags
    • Uploads: it's a simple config setting to host files in the cloud (Amazon Web services)
    • Broadcast: Post to Twitter, Identica and all of your OMB followers at, or elsewhere.
    • Apps: Just a few so far, but our OpenAppStore is actually on-line. We want to have the best platform and putting money in the pockets of designers, plug-in authors, scripters and programmers just makes sense.
    • Privacy: Despite its lightweight design, features a sophisticated, granular security model which we will use to power rooms, direct messages and other features in the near future.
    • IDE: IDE? We publish a simple, graphical database-development utility, it can be used to generate a complete jQuery/MVC app for OpenMicroBlogger. (which you can turn around and sell for $$ on OpenAppStore)
    • Aggregate: (coming soon) Our new aggregated feed lets you see your Twitter friends' updates. We'll be expanding this to work with any RSS feed.
    • XMPP: (coming soon) We're still in wait-and-see mode while we come up with a stable/simple architecture.
    • Uses a clone of the WordPress theme API to make itself skinnable
    • Web services API instead of a WordPress back-end.

    Twitter to implement Openmicroblogging protocol!

    Wow, I can't believe my ears but here's the story:

    New tutorial: build a Photo Wall App for OpenMicroBlogger

    It's a little bit long, but also not too complicated, and we would love to hear your feedback about our new Tutorial. Here's the link:

    new release of OpenMicroBlogger offers open source, installable Apps for microbloggers

    The latest 0.2 beta (download) features the first App for OpenMicroBlogger.

    Apps are neatly organized into RESTful MVC code structures. They use jQuery and OpenID-driven model security.

    The first app, Twitter, is a wrapper for Alex King's Twitter Tools WordPress plug-in. Your tweets can be saved in your personal OpenMicroBlogger database, and then forwarded on to your Twitter and accounts.

    Help us test it

    You can help, just sign in at [[ ]], it's very easy! Your password is always encrypted, too.

    Click Profile >> Applications and you'll find Twitter there.

    Type your username and password and you can post to Twitter, attach files, and anyone on or can Follow you. NICE

    Having a problem? Send an e-mail to

    0.2 Installation Notes

    • Migrate your database by browsing to
    • In /app/config/config.yml make sure "twitter" and "identica" are listed in the apps section

    1002 downloads! first donation! 0.2 still pending...

    That's right, we cracked 1000 downloads in about 5 weeks, amazing!

    Another great thing happened today, Randy at made a donation to support OpenMicroBlogger. My wife really thought I was crazy to work so hard all summer in my free time, and this one event seemed to make it all ok. Thanks!

    Work on 0.2 continues, the openmicroblogging space is moving fast and with all of the support we've received we are excited about the prospects for the new version. We'll keep you updated here as 0.2 nears completion, hopefully this week.

    Zeep Mobile SMS coming in Version 0.2 this week

    We just finished implementing the first PHP client for Zeep Mobile's SMS platform. This will allow any site running OpenMicroBlogger to put an API key and secret into config.yml to enable 2-way SMS texting. Pretty sweet!
    I am waiting to hear back from Zeep about submitting the OMB/Zeep client code to their Google Code project. OpenMicroBlogger version 0.2 should be ready mid-week.

    0.2 changeset

    • [working on] Twitter simul-post
    • SMS 2-way text
    • pretty URLs
    • fixed mysql-create-table bug
    • utf-8 support
    • fixed bug

    First release! version 0.1 is in the wild

    Special thanks to Sebastian and Scot for helping get this out the door.

    And all of you downloaders have made it the #1 app at Thanks!

    Media Coverage

    Jesse Stay kicked off coverage of OpenMicroBlogger with his 8/15 article:

    On 8/19 the P2P Foundation featured a story by Michael Bauwens:

    And Aldon Hynes followed up with a favorable first-glance on 8/21:

    Leo Laporte interviewed Evan Prodromou and Evan being the (really) big man that he is, mentioned OpenMicroBlogger 8/23:

    How to download and install OpenMicroBlogger

    Thanks for checking out OpenMicroBlogger, we have made a lot of progress in the past 2 weeks and we now have a complete implementation of the official protocol.

    Known issues:

    • some broadcasts to are dropped due an Invalid OAuth signature error
    • see the bug reports for the complete list


    • MySQL or PostgreSQL
    • PHP4 or PHP5


    Installation steps:

    • edit the file app/config/config.yml
    • change the development database settings to your MySQL or PostgreSQL (adapter name can be "mysql" or "postgresql")
    • change the e-mail settings: email_from (From address) and email_name (Name of sender) at the very least
    • save your changes to config.yml
    • create a /cache folder with 600 or 777 permissions
    • point your browser to the URL where OpenMicroBlogger is installed on your Web server, and the database tables will be created
    • register with your e-mail address or an OpenID to become the site administrator (the first registered person is in the "administrators" group, subsequent registrees are in the "members" group)
    • that's it! now you have a site where registered people can subscribe to people on remote sites (, and post notices to them as well


    • by default, file uploads are saved as BLOBs in the database. this can be a security advantage for sites uploading small files
    • there are 2 more upload modes: Amazon S3 and /uploads
    • to use the /uploads folder, open app/config/config.yml and change the "collection_cache" location for "posts" from cache to uploads
    • for uploads, you will need 2 folders: /cache and /uploads, with 600 or 777 permissions
    • to change to Amazon S3 edit app/config/config.yml and set the collection_cache location for posts to aws
    • also, in config.yml set your awsBucket, Key and Secret options

    introducing OpenMicroBlogger and are the new Web sites where you can find out about OpenMicroBlogger, a new implementation of the specification for site-to-site Microblogging.


    Support This Project

    Keep tabs on this project by following Brian on Twitter: